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The VR ONE is a micro display digital light mapping VR technology. SuperD took a unique approach to the application of optics and to the construction of the accompanying hardware to achieve an unparalleled visual effect within a substantially lighter and thinner device, something that none of the peer VR products have been able to achieve. Compared to other VR helmets, the SuperD VR ONE weighs less than 400g and is 30% smaller than all similar devices. The SuperD VR ONE comes equipped with an ultra HD LCD screen, with single eye PPI over 600. The algorithm that supports the software is capable of reproducing the panoramic views required by VR games and videos with a resolution up to 1080P. An exterior design based on the best that science and technology can deliver, combined with an inner design and a plethora of features straight from the most advanced technologies available today, deliver a product that is sure to perform head and shoulders above its peers in the highly competitive VR hardware field.