Patent Distribution

Innovation is the core-competitiveness of SuperD, with patents covering all aspects of the 3D industry. As of current, SuperD Group has obtained over 900 patents in computer vision in China, over 100 patents in U.S., over 50 patents in Europe, over 40 patents in Korea and Japan, as well as over 30 patents in India.

The basic principle of glasses-free 3D is that the screen emits two images which have parallax relation, left-eye image goes to the left eye and right-eye image goes to the right eye by the splitting device.  Two eyes accepted the corresponding images and then create a sense of 3D in the brain.  SuperD® successfully developed and massed the first glasses-free 3D IC which was integrated graphic and image algorithm, 3D image processing function is independent of the 2D application, reduce the system load and power.  SuperD® 3D IC is integrated with the eye-tracking algorithm, floating-point type of image algorithm, 2D\3D electrode controlling algorithm.  SuperD®’s glasses-free 3D technology improves the 3D visual experience through the following ways:

  • Without loss of brightness in 2D/3D
  • Eyes-tracking technology to increase viewing range
  • No Moiré
  • Low Crosstalk


SuperD® products’ SDK includes USB Driver, Runtime Library and image algorithm.  The controlling of stereo-window, for example, open / close, position, size , are processed by SDK.  Application software running on the SDK, through the SDK to control the hardware behavior.  In the Windows operating system, the camera driver provided by the operating system itself.


SuperD® Glass-Free 3D Technology Comparison to Conventional Products

The main products of SuperD® include 3D products and applications for PC and Mobile solutions and its glasses-free 3D display technology is compatible with personal consumer electronic products of various dimensions, i.e. display monitors and glassless 3D boxes for movie/PC/mobile phone/tablet/TV/portable device/gaming device, etc.