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3D Box is an innovative new 3D device showcased at MWC in 2016. Only as big as the iPad mini, with the simple push of a button, 3D BOX automatically unfolds into a “Z” shape and projects 3D images onto a transflective panel — which looks almost like a hologram. It really does give you a high-tech and futuristic feeling. The Full HD screen is both clear and bright, and most importantly, there is no need for those old 3D glasses. The 3D BOX breaks through the limits of traditional 3D technology with a greatly expanded 3D Viewing angle. No matter where you are or how you move, as long as the front camera can see your eyes, SuperD’s eye tracking technology will help ensure you a great visual experience. Because of the 3D BOX’s excellent performance, the Advanced Imaging Society awarded 3D BOX a Lumiere Award in 2015 for 3D technology.

3D BOX provides those who love 3D films a second option to enjoy 3D media outside of the theater. SuperD also runs a platform called the “3D Store” in China, which provides on-demand 3D Content, including daily updates of 3D films, 3D games, e-books, and other 3D applications.

How does 3D Box work? Please visit: